General Ethic

No Lying nor Decieving nor Cheating

No Stealing nor even coveting stuff that's not yours

No Adultery nor even coveting Spouses or People other than your Spouse.

No Murdering nor Torturing nor Abusing

No Enslaving people nor otherwise Coerceing or Manipulating people to do something they'd rather not, unless they're obliged but just lazy

Respect your elders or anyone who raised you in accord with these rules.

Respect anyone who saved you or protects you from people who contradict these rules.

Have and promote the faith in what saves and protects from those who contradict the rules.

There are no rules of other spirit, all other acceptable agreements are compromises to ensure compliance and the faith.

The rest is up to you.

I believe in God. You don't need to believe in my God, or one God, or any God, to be ethical; though I personally find it indispensible for having and promoting the necessary faith.